Chief Physician

An ayurvedic approach to quality eye care
"Chkshurakshayaam sarva kaalam manushya...
yathna kartavyo jeevithe yavathishcha...
vridho lokayaam thulya rathri diwanaam...
pumsavandhanaam vidhya mathepi vithali..."

Welcome nude celebrities to Sreedhareeyam!

Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital and Research Centre holds the magic wand that wields eternal remedies for people who suffer from the burden of visual impairments. Here many problems, which have no answer in other systems of medicines, related to eye, ear, nose and throat get treated and cured without resorting to surgery. The concept, inception, growth and future of Sreedhareeyam lie intertwined with Nelliakattu Mana - a Namboothiri family and its traditional experience in the treatment of eye and ENT problems which spans over almost 3 centuries.Today it is the last hope of many people who are visionless. Our motto is 'VISION FOR ALL'.
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