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Sreedhareeyam Corporate


A Commitment to Vision

Sreedhareeyam Eyecare Foundation

Our foundation operates under the umbrella of the Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Research & Development Institute, a recognized institution registered under the Travancore-Cochin Library and Charitable Societies Act 1955. We are also proud to have received recognition from the AYUSH Ministry as a Center of Excellence in Ayurvedic Ophthalmology.

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Humanitarian Appeal for the Gift of Vision

The gift of sight is a precious blessing, yet there are those less fortunate who do not share in it. The Sreedhareeyam Eyecare Foundation extends an opportunity for you to make a meaningful difference:

  • Support a humanitarian cause by aiding the blind and the needy.
  • Partner with the vision of India's largest Ayurvedic eyecare hospital
  • Join us in our mission to eliminate blindness from society, ensuring a world with clear vision for all
Sponsorship Options

All your contributions are exempt under section 80G of the income taxt act 1961.

  • Sponsor a free camp
  • Sponsor a patient :
    Option 1 - Choose from the list of eligible patients available with PR department
    Option 2 - The donor himself can identify and recommend a patient for treatment, we will go through the details and let you know
  • General Donation into pool fund